So Tiny, So Cute

Pre-Order Princess Sketch Minky Blanket

$41.00 USD

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Princesses for your favorite princess. This pre-order Princess Sketch minky blanket will  feature all her favorite Disney Princesses on one side and it will be backed with a solid minky in a beautiful matching Magenta.  Our handmade blankets are machine washable and tumble dry low. 

This is a PRE Order, and your blanket will be shipped to YOU no later then September 30th.  Please keep that in mind as you place your blanket order. We will be unable to refund for any cancelled orders after June 11th due to custom ordering of materials.  Please note prices are above our standard price due to the custom fabric. 

 We have an array of sizes to fit your needs.

  • Our Little Traveler™ was designed specifically for your little ones. No need to fold or tuck here.
  • Day Blanket is perfect for lying on the floor while enjoying some reading time or a little snuggle for TV time.
  • Crib blanket made a little wider to ensure even the wildest sleepers stay covered.
  • Toddler is made for bigger kids.

Fiber contents: 100% Polyester