So Tiny, So Cute

Our Story


Meet the Morales Family!

When Monica and Ricky had their first baby girl Logan they were baffled at how easy it was to have a newborn.  Eat, Sleep, Cry, repeat.  That pattern was manageable between the both of them.  They didn’t understand what all the fuss was about when it came to dealing with a new baby.  All those horror stories, of waking up every two hours, poopy diaper disasters and trying to get babies to sleep soundly, this was not going to happen to them because Logan was the perfect baby girl.  

Soon after they got home from the hospital they quickly understood what everyone meant!  Even trying to tag team feedings, diaper changes and rocking to sleep were challenging, the reality of what was in store hit these “parents of material age” fast and hard. HA!  

And Logan, that perfect baby girl HAD to be swaddled, no exceptions! Daily Monica and Ricky constantly felt like they were wrestling an alligator into all the different swaddles they tried because she was not happy with any of them.  It was especially challenging in the middle of the night when Logan was fast asleep, but needed a diaper change.  Un-swaddling only stirred her awake and made her upset, and any one who has dealt with a tired newborn knows what happens! Lots of crying. 

So what do desperate parents do in this kind of situation? They figure out a way to fix the problem themselves (especially for their own sanity).  That’s what they did, they designed and hand made the first Simple Sleeper™.  Finally something that would allow Logan to sleep soundly by staying swaddled during her diaper changes. They would no longer have to fumble around trying to re-wrap Logan all while half asleep with only dim light of the hallway to see by.  The exclusive Flip-Up design also allowed a more comfortable feel that didn’t include cold hard zippers.  

Knowing that this problem was not only affecting them they wanted to help other parents of newborns and started Laluna in 2017.  Their goal was and still is to help other parents make diaper changes easier one Simple Sleeper™ at a time.  Because when your baby sleeps better, you sleep better.  

In 2019, they tackled the crucial milestone of potty training.  They read tons of books, read blogs, tried a number of games and bribery and nothing worked! After what felt like 50 years of trying unsuccessfully, they realized Logan was too smart for them.  Logan knew her disposable “training pant” was simply a diaper in disguise, so there was no real need to learn to potty in the toilet.  After the magical day when they realized this, Monica whipped up a pair of re-usable training pants, and no joking Logan picked it up in a day! She realized having an accident was not comfortable because she would get wet, not just in her training pant, but down her legs. 

Just like the Simple Sleeper, Laluna Training pants and underwear were created with parents in mind.  Laluna, helping parents keep things simple.