So Tiny, So Cute

Little Trainer - Remix (Yellow/Green/Blue)

$15.00 USD

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One of the biggest milestones for a toddler is learning to be potty trained and to become a big kid.  Little Trainers are designed to help your toddler stay clean and dry during potty training and help parents make the transition from a diaper to underwear easier. 

Let your toddler feel cool during this phase with actual underwear.  Or help that smart stubborn toddler who understands disposables are just diapers in disguise, by providing a real alternative step between training pants and underwear.

Not meant to be waterproof, but provide an extra absorbent layer in the center panel to help soak up little accidents.  Made of buttery soft cotton lycra in a brief style, with a super heavy bamboo fleece padded liner. The bamboo fleece is meant for delicate skin.  Being machine washable means Little Trainers are better for the environment too, and cheaper on your wallet then disposable training pants.  Our Dye Remix showcases hand Ice Dyed fabric and that means no two pairs are the same. 

Unsure what size to order? Be sure to check out our size chart, our underwear run on the small side of each size. We always recommend sizing up just in case.  Have a babe with chunkier legs? Let us know during check out for a little extra in the leg bands.